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Achtergrond - 9 april 2009

History of the Eerste Kamer (first chamber / senate)
The Eerste Kamer dates from 1815. Initially, the members were appointed by the King. Since 1848 however, the 75 members of the Eerste Kamer are appointed by members of the Provincial States.

Eerste Kamer. Picture: Kamer
Binnenhof 22
Den Haag

In 1917 the requirements for becoming a member of the first and second chambers were equalized and in 1922 the Eerste Kamer also instituted proportional representation.

The discussion on constitutional renewal in the sixties and seventies haven’t led to a significant change of the function and meaning of the Eerste Kamer.

A change was instituted in 1983. From that time the Eerste Kamer was chosen for four years instead of six years. Here thru the Eerste Kamer forms a more accurate reflection of the current political preferences of the voters than before 1983.

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